Viral Video Sharing Promo

During this viral video assignment, I was fortunate enough to be filming for my father’s wine tasting in which I decided to make a promotion video for advertisal purposes. Throughout the process, which was quite the experience, I learned various techniques along the way, such as using less camera movements, allowing the subjects in frame to do and create the movement for me. I was also lucky enough to be able to indulge in the food provided for the tasting, which made the experience that much cooler. Getting the chance to film and edit an event like this was very challenging though with the type of room we were in. There was a lot of window light surrounding the room which made it somewhat difficult to pick my spots and set up locations, as well as a very tightly packed floor, and so I was set up around the exterior for the majority of the tasting. All in all, it was a learning experience for me and the editorial process was just as fun. Having the freedom of creativity was a blessing and it allowed me to be free and edit with bliss. In the future, I’d be interested in doing more of these.

Jack Cats

The video link is below:


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